Simon Wong

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Hi, my name is Simon Wong. I’m a concept artist at Alex Rose Games; producing work in 2D animation, character design, in-game level assets, promotional art and website graphics.

My formative years were spent watching films and shows like the original Transformers, Godzilla, Voltron, Jason and the Argonauts, among many others. The characters and special effects were spectacular to my youngmind; inspiring me to pursue art and recreate what I saw onscreen. This initial admiration would later evolve into a passion for character/ creature design for videogames and movies.

Currently, I also offer my services for freelance illustration and concept art. Feel free to get in touch should you wish to discuss any projects or needs you may have.


2015 - 2017: Full-time artist at Alex Rose Games/ Vorpal Games LTD. 

2011 - present: Freelance concept artist/ illustrator. Past clients include: 

  • Atheneum Pictures - Costume and prop designs for The Lights of St. Louis movie. 
  • Musomic - Illustrations for the Musomic comic builder app. 
  • Mutant Labs - Illustrations for Half-Inch Heist game. Character portraits for Resurgam: The Lost Pearl of Plymouth. 
  • BooHag Studios - Creature/ character concepts.
  • Athura - Collaboration with Rob Scrace for T-shirt/ poster render. 


2011-2012: Plymouth College of Art – BA Design for Games.

2009-2011: Plymouth College of Art – Foundation Degree Design for Games. 

2002-2006: University of Plymouth – BA (Hons) Architecture. 

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